The Tear Bottle Tradition

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 Tear Bottles are given today to symbolize and honor the tears that are shed over the course of life.  They help us to remember monumental events and special rites of passage, whether they be times of joy or times of sorrow.  The Tear Bottle is a unique vessel that helps express love, happiness, joy, compassion, sympathy and remembrance. They are a distinctive gift idea for weddings, anniversaries, graduations and births. During difficult times, such as illness, parting, or bereavement, they can be given to express loving concern or compassion. The tear bottle is a unique gift that communicates feelings few other gifts can.

    -Laughter and tears forge a path   
        to a deep and lasting friendship-

The tear bottle tradition is a symbolic tradition of deep emotion. 

   * Strengthen friendships

    * Mend relationships

    * Ask forgiveness

    * Show concern  

    * Offer a gift of condolence

    * Remember

    * Honor

    * Heal

    * Love
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